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Hi, my name is Ayleen Farnood and I'm a 15 year old student at the University of Toronto Schools who's passionate about Brain-computer interfaces, AI, and neurotech. I've always been curious to learn as much as I can about the world and I've written various articles on my research and experiences thus far. I have had internships at Microsoft and Erudite AI, spoken at the CITC conference in Toronto, and have attended numerous conferences throughout Canada including C2 Montreal.

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what i do.

BMI developer

As one of the youngest developers in the field, I have built my own brain-computer interfaces and written various articles on the technology.

TKS innovator

Always driven by my passion for technology and desire to learn, I'm a part of the program TKS which gives me amazing opportunities alongside like-minded people.

Microsoft intern

In the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to work at Microsoft as a product development intern and developed products actually used by the company.

erudite AI intern

Currently in an internship with Erudite AI where I have been developing an eye-tracking device for a study.


I'm in grade 10 at the University of Toronto schools which is known for its specialized curriculum and unique learning environment

AI researcher

I have taken various courses on AI and Machine Learning as well as created my own ML models for various internships.


Here's some of my recent work


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